8 part video series on the history of Champagne filmed in France

Audio and Text Messages from Kristin Noelle Smith, host of Champagne Journal

At the beginning of sparkling champagne’s development, in the 17th century, mostly royals and only those who had major power could drink the best champagne. Fortunately, it is now available to virtually everyone. It is, indeed, rare that someone is insulted when offered a glass of this dazzling gift of nature. (But, as you may already know, the communists strangely labeled champagne a “degenerate capitalist drink” in Russia in 1917.)
Kristin Noelle Smith at Mo√ęt et Chandon
Champagne Journal shares the story of the people of this beautiful region of France who’ve prevailed over one hardship after another, and how this extraordinary wine’s popularity spread around the globe, thanks in large part to the Kings of France, Napoléon, and invading foreign armies.

Remember champagne, first and foremost, is a wine. It’s not to be locked away for very special occasions only!! It should be relished with meals, as well as alone. A short list of my personal favorite pairings with a Brut champagne includes: mushroom risotto, kettle potato chips, pasta with truffles, chicken fettuccine alfredo, smoked salmon pizza, almonds, omelets, potato pancakes, blinis with crème fraîche and caviar, as well as roasted lamb, poached salmon, and dark chocolate bars with a Brut Rosé. Delicious!!

I so hope you ‘savor’ Champagne Journal! This program dives deep into the world of champagne, yet there is more to uncover. Please drink champagne responsibly. Cheers!
Kristin Noelle Smith

Kristin Noelle Smith was imprinted with the vine as a child living in Modesto, CA (home of one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of California wines). She received both her B.A. and M.B.A. from Northwestern University and has lived in Chicago for the past 25 years. She seeks to offer historical and business perspectives in her wine commentary, with a vibrant enthusiasm for wine’s many unique and exciting facets. You may read more about champagne on her blog. Contact , About