8 part video series on the history of Champagne filmed in France

Stemware Note:

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The tulip shape is conducive for the best possible effect of the carbonic gas, bouquet and flavor of champagne.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Clear, uncut, refined, crystal stemware in a tulip shape showcases champagne best. Why disrupt the inherent beauty of the bubbles, taste, color of the wine, and bouquet (aroma) with anything else?

We’ve researched numerous champagne glasses, from a variety of countries, for the best quality and shape in today’s market. We are sincerely delighted to help make your search for excellence and appropriateness in champagne stemware quicker. We like these
Lobmeyr ‘Ballerina’ glasses and think you might too.

Kneen & Co in Chicago is a purveyor of this Lobmeyr stemware.