8 part video series on the history of Champagne filmed in France

Over 22,000 champagnes!

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Did you know there are over 22,000 champagnes!
Yes, indeed, and the number is expanding...here are a few new labels to add to that list.

La Traviata's Drinking Song

This above Youtube version has helpful English subtitles, but there is another clip of clearer visual quality below without subtitles.

Note: Violetta is celebrating with champagne her recovery from consumption / tuberculosis.
Sadly, she dies in the end. (Yah, yet another opera where the lead woman dies...) but in the meantime, she is paying tribute to life, love, and happiness! And we should too!

Act 1
The salon in Violetta's house
Violetta Valéry, a famed courtesan throws a lavish party at her Paris salon to celebrate her recovery from an illness. Gastone, a count, has brought with him his friend, the young nobleman Alfredo Germont, who has long adored Violetta from afar. While walking to the salon, Gastone tells Violetta that Alfredo loves her, and that while she was ill, he came to her house every day. Alfredo joins them, admitting the truth of Gastone's remarks. The Baron, Violetta's current lover, waits nearby to escort her to the salon where the Baron is asked to give a toast, but he refuses, and the crowd turns to Alfredo (Alfredo, Violetta, chorus: Libiamo ne’lieti calici – "Drinking song"). Read more about La Traviata on wikipedia.

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New World Record Price for a Bottle of Champagne

Czar Alexander II of Russia

In July 2010, a load of shipwrecked bottles of champagne was discovered by divers off the Åland
Islands of Finland, in the Baltic Sea (situated between Sweden and Finland). All together 168 bottles were brought to the surface, not all were intact.

Charity Screening of Champagne Journal

C Journal Screening

Please join me at a charity screening of Champagne Journal!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011
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Champagne Charlie


‘Champagne Charlie’ was the nickname Americans first bestowed upon Charles Hiedsieck, because they had difficulty pronouncing his last name. Charles was the first owner of a champagne house to visit the United States (1861). Read More...