8 part video series on the history of Champagne filmed in France

Try Rose champagnes for Valentine's Day

Rose champagnes are great for Valentines Day

Looking for the best Champagnes to have on Valentine’s Day?

Try a Rosé! They come in a variety of gorgeous colors ( pale salmon to pink to very dark pink), have festive bubbles, and tastes a bit of spice from the pinot noir or pinot meunier grapes. Read More...

Red rover Red rover send the Rosé champagne over!


Rosé champagnes are gaining in popularity in the States with good reason! They taste delicious, look incredibly beautiful and pair terrifically with many everyday foods!

Click here for a handy Rosé Champagne and Rosé Sparkling Wine Guide.

The following blog offers some notes about the History of Rosé champagnes, plus a few suggested food pairings: Read More...

Real Men Drink Pink Champagne

Yes, the title of this blog is play upon the old saying ‘Real men wear pink’... as in pink ties, pink shirts, pink sweaters... In short, this color is definitely not reserved for women only. Watch this above clip and note one of the world’s most handsome, most debonair, most romantic, most sophisticated, most suave, most urbane, most all around wonderful ladies man orders some pink champagne.

The trend is clear, rosé champagne imports into the USA are increasing annually. American men are, indeed, ordering it more frequently.