8 part video series on the history of Champagne filmed in France

Champagne Sorbet Recipe

champagne sorbet

Serves 8

300g (10½ oz) caster sugar
250ml (9 fl oz) water
600ml (1pt) sparkling white wine
3 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 egg whites
4 Tbsp icing sugar


Birthday champagne


Ada Street Restaurant in Chicago created this fun birthday Champagne for my friend Sarah. Yes, she quickly blew out the candle with her birthday wish before sipping it. We did not have any cake and went straight to the champagne! Such a cute candle idea for a birthday champagne toast, so I wanted to pass it along.

Fast food with Champagne, Yes please!

 Lanson mit Lachs Semmel

This is my kind of fast food! I took this picture in the Salzburg Christkindlmarkt. This gentleman is enjoying a salmon sandwich paired with Lanson champagne. Perfect! Lachs Semmel mit Lanson! Read More...

Portland Bar Best Champagne list in North America

Bar Vivant in Portland

Pix Patisserie / Bar Vivant, a Portland bar awarded best champagne and sparkling wine list in North America 2014!

You can see the winning wine list here! Over 250 Bottles! Read More...

Look Cool with a Champagne Cork Cooler

cork champagne cooler

OK , it's not fancy and formal and it gets the chilling job done in a unique way! Cork certainly is waterproof, and now a cooler and a fun conversation item! Read More...

Brut or Rose Champagne Gummy Bears


Sugarfina sells champagne infused Gummy bears from Germany in Brut or Rosè flavors! FUN!
They are fat free, don't have any artificial flavors or colors. They also are gluten free and have no corn syrup!

Peugeot Seau Equinoxe Champagne Bucket

Peugeot Seau Equinox champagne bucket

Wow! This champagne bucket has terrific modern lines. It was designed by the French auto company, Peugeot and currently sells for $65 on Amazon. Here is the link handy! Enjoy! Read More...

Champagne service button


Nuff said.

I got this from
Champagne Boucton. Luv it!

Champagne Flute

Leon Bakst 1902 Champagne Flute

Is it just me? or do parts of this painting remind you of a ‘light version’ of ‘The Scream’ Read More...