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Champagne Sorbet Recipe

champagne sorbet

Serves 8

300g (10½ oz) caster sugar
250ml (9 fl oz) water
600ml (1pt) sparkling white wine
3 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 egg whites
4 Tbsp icing sugar

A sip of chilled champagne cleanses your palate too, due to its effervescence and balance of acidity, but this champagne sorbet is an exquisite presentation and sure to please everyone!

John and Gregg's champagne sorbet recipe post on the Daily Mail website.

Put the caster sugar and water in a pan and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. Turn up the heat and boil for about 5 minutes or until thick but not beginning to brown. Remove from the heat and leave to cool, then stir in 350ml (12fl oz) of the wine and the lemon juice. Pour into freezer trays and freeze for about an hour or until mushy.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and beat well for 2 minutes. Return to the freezer trays and freeze for a further 30 minutes, then beat again in the bowl. Repeat the freezing and beating another four times, leaving 30 minutes between each beating, then freeze again while you prepare the egg whites.

Whisk the whites until stiff, then gradually beat in the icing sugar. Beat the frozen mixture well again to break down the ice crystals, then fold in the egg white mixture. Return to the freezer until firm. Before serving, transfer to the fridge for 30 minutes to soften slightly, then pour a little of the remaining wine over each portion.

Please note: pregnant women or the elderly should avoid this dish as it contains raw egg.

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