8 part video series on the history of Champagne filmed in France

Business Lesson 2 to learn from champagne

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2. Do the never.

A monk named Dom Pérignon was appointed the business manager of the Abbey of Hautvillers, located in Champagne, at the age of 30 in 1668. The Abbey had been left in ruins, due to many wars and invaders. Among his responsibilities was the restoration of its vineyards and cellars.
Because of his dedication to hard work, he created multiple new improvements to the process of making wine. Read More...

Be like Bond, as in James 007

James Bond and champagne

For many, when they hear the name James Bond they think “ Shaken, not stirred.”
But for others, it’s

Late Disgorgement

Bollinger RD label
What is Disgorgement? It is when the sediment (
lees) is expelled from the bottle. Lees is the wine’s leftover yeast sediment from the 2nd fermentation in the bottle. It is moved into the neck of the bottle via remuage, then flash frozen and expelled completely (disgorgement).

“To be sold as non-vintage Champagne, French law dictates the wine must age at least (on lees) 15 months after the second fermentation begins, and three years if it will bear a vintage date...

Bond 007 Dom Perignon 1959 Scene

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Bond drinking champagne in You Only Live Twice from 1967