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A Great Gatbsy post

Moet et Chandon Imperial from The Great Gatsby

Isn't this is beautiful pic! In a scene from Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby," a flapper pours a 15-liter bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne over a towering pyramid of Champagne flutes at one of Jay Gatsby's lavish parties. (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture)

My guess is that it is a
Nebuchadnezzar size bottle, equivalent to 20 bottles… so about 80 to 90 glasses. See my post on this awesome champagne bottle! FUN!

"The parties in F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic novel are the stuff of legend, not only in fictional West Egg but the real world as well. Now "The Great Gatsby" is inspiring Champagne-soaked soirees from coast to coast. New York City's Plaza Hotel, a Fitzgerald hangout featured in both the book and Baz Luhrmann's movie, opening May 10, is celebrating by turning its famous lounge into a Gatsby-esque Moet Champagne Bar with Imperial Gatsby cocktails."

Can't wait to see the movie..though it's going to be difficult to improve upon Redford and Farrow! Read more here:
By Jackie Burrell, Contra Costa Times