8 part video series on the history of Champagne filmed in France

Thomas Jefferson on champagne

Thomas Jefferson ThJ

In two weeks, America will be voting in another Presidential election. And speaking of U.S. Presidents... this post is in honor of Thomas Jefferson, THE wine connoisseur of the 18th century and esteemed founder of our nation, who was born 269 years ago... on April 13, 1743. Yes, he was, indeed, an incredible patriot. He suffered numerous family tragedies, but persevered - thank goodness. It’s recorded he was soft spoken and had a speech impediment (no gift for oratory) and thus, would probably not have been selected for public office today, as now the media discourages candidates from running who are not ‘mediagenic’ on tv, but that is a story for another blog. Here is a short list of his magnificent achievements on behalf of America. Thank you Mr. Jefferson!

Another Thomas, Mr. T. J. Craughwell, writes in his new book,
Thomas Jefferson’s Crème Brûlée, "...by the time Jefferson toured the (Champagne) region, the famous houses of Moët et Chandon, Taittinger, and Veuve Clicquot (under a different name) were already flourishing... Naturally, Jefferson sampled the renowned wines of Champagne, but initially found them not to his taste..."