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Try Rose champagnes for Valentine's Day

Rose champagnes are great for Valentines Day

Looking for the best Champagnes to have on Valentine’s Day?

Try a Rosé! They come in a variety of gorgeous colors ( pale salmon to pink to very dark pink), have festive bubbles, and tastes a bit of spice from the pinot noir or pinot meunier grapes.

First, a bit about the origins of Valentine’s Day: they are somewhat questionable. It is reported that Roman Pope Gelasius I converted a pagan FERTILITY festival into a Christian feast day in 496, declaring February 14 to now be St. Valentine's Day. Legend further has it that St. Valentine was martyred for refusing to renounce his Christian faith, thus a feast named in his honor.

The popular customs associated with Saint Valentine's Day, undoubtedly, had their origin in a conventional belief generally received in England and France during the Middle Ages, that on 14 February, i.e. half way through the second month of the year, the birds began to pair. Thus in 1381, Chaucer composed a poem in honor of the engagement between England's Richard II and Anne of Bohemia.

“In Chaucer’s Parliament of Foules we read:
For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne's day Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate.”

For this reason, the day was looked upon as specially consecrated to lovers and as a proper occasion for writing love letters and sending lovers' tokens. You may read more on the history of St. Valentine’s Day in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

What better way to express love than sharing a bottle of champagne!

the World’s Greatest Lover, considered champagne as essential equipment!

dark chocolate pairs nicely with rose champagnes

If you want to give someone chocolate with champagne on Valentine’s Day... look for dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, many find it pairs nicely with Rosé champagne.
Rosés pair nicely also with crab cakes, lamb and salmon... grilled chicken!

Here are some vintage and non-vintage Rosés that are sure to please...
Rose Champagne Notes

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