8 part video series on the history of Champagne filmed in France


a rap on champagne by 7 Pm

carlton r johnson 7Pm
In the grandest of events
The patrons plan to take a sip
Of the bubbly or the fizz
Rosé Moët's one of the best blends

Just check the Journal
It'll turn you on
To the history
And help you solve your mystery
Of all the champagnes
Which one will make you say, "This is me"

In my carry on, is Dom Pérignon
During Prohibition huge fizz orders were
made by Al Capone
Before that it was President Washington
Moët was his choice
Right to his cellar they delivered awesomeness

7 Pm artist, Carlton R. Johnson

7Pm logo
First made in Europe
They didn't even have the Euro yet
Champagne good for the brain
But have too many glasses and you'll forget

Please keep the flutes filled
Henriot, Veuve, & Krug in this demonstration
(Toast to this Grand event)
Damn right, it's a celebration

Moët, Dom P, start bringing the Ace of Spades in
We popping bottles
It's a celebration

Rothschild in the rocks
You know It's On
When you hear corks pop
(Why) It's a celebration

The Bubbly
close up bubbly
That Pommery is bomb to me
I'm celebrating
With some cold Krug
In a penthouse or basement

Don't drink & drive
Believe me it's better patient

Please skip the station
Come to the celebration

The bubbles carry the flavor
And suddenly paired with neighbors
I've become a savior
I brought them something to savor

Some fizz is conceived of 30 to 50 different wines
Early spring is the best time for pruning vines

The result is classy with either gender
Plenty bubbles,
one glass has 11 million
Pop a vintage
With your dinner

Lose the cork, you're the winner
But you got to keep it cold like Chicago's winter
S/O 2 Champagne Charlie
19th century entrepreneur (Hustler) who knew how to start a party
It was risky, but he sparked the markets
Or at least got it started

Champagne education explained through a hot song
Need more? Log on to champagnejournal.com
Carlton R Johnson 7Pm

Thank you Carlton!


" 7 Pm is a well known hustler from his neighborhood that survived those streets to be the Man he is today. He is the voice of those very streets, expressed at its highest level of artistry & charisma, with an edge that can only be supplied by his environment. He created his own destiny to become the leader of "The NetWorks", Ruler of Rhythms, and The President of Primetime. Thus you have 7 Pm.

During his blossoming career he garnered many nicknames. There are two that notably he has taken to his persona; they are "The Fresh Heir" & the "The Heir up There"; because even when you listen to him enforce his demeanor in song - that’s the energy he brings, he's that new breath of "Fresh Heir" to Hip Hop that can rise to its pinnacle and take its artistry to a whole new level. (The "Heir" up THERE).

7 Pm's "Get Fresh" produced by M3 INT producer TriggBeats is being played in England, Houston, Philly, Memphis, and on a host of Internet & Chicago radio stations.

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He is one of Chicago's favorite sons, who is consistently interviewed by local media outlets and followed around by them “just to see what’s going on” with "The Network”. He's been features on Urban Grind TV at least five times this year alone and is a go to guy for a lot of DJ's in this business. 7 Pm's intellect coupled with his overwhelmingly warm personality makes him someone that anyone can INTerview or INTeract with. 7 Pm has only released one mix tape by himself, but has been featured on many others - such as The Chicago Trafficking Authority mix tape (Block Club DJ's), Guerrilla Island Vol. 3 & multiple times on Guerrilla Island Vol. 4. The "Fresh Heir" has also been featured on his Independent labels compilation mix tapes (CHItunes Vol. 1 & 2).

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Kristin Noelle Smith was imprinted with the vine as a child living in Modesto, CA (home of one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of California wines). She received both her B.A. and M.B.A. from Northwestern University and has lived in Chicago for the past 25 years. She seeks to offer historical and business perspectives in her wine commentary, with a vibrant enthusiasm for wine’s many unique and exciting facets. You may read more about champagne on her blog. Contact.